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Welcome to raycowan.org

I'm just starting to put this site together. There's not too much here yet, but I plan to be filling things in over time.

For questions about the site, send email to:

Quotes to ponder

On love, friends, and enemies

Today I've heard many reasons why you shouldn't pass this evaluation. There's a lot of evidence. It's all here. But then, you presented me with the evidence of your heart. You put someone before yourself. That showed me that you know God, and who He is: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." You did that. You did it twice, to help a friend, then to help an enemy. Because you see no enemies. Evil is not your friend, but those who are drawn to evil are to be pitied, not hated, and you know the difference. You made a good choice, Monica. Love is always a good choice.

—Episode 14, Season 3, TV series Touched By an Angel

On perseverance when pursuing good under God

“I'm not giving up because I don't feel like it. I'm not giving up because there's been criticism. I'm not giving up because it's not popular. I'm not giving up because times are tough. I'm not giving up because there's no funds. I'm not giving up because somebody doesn't like it. I'm not giving up because of this, that, or the other. I'm not giving up, period.”
—Charles Stanley, Success God's Way video series

On love

“Love suffers long and is kind.  Love does not envy. Love does not exalt itself, is not vain, does not do stupid things, is not acquisitive, is not easily irritated, does not dwell on what is bad. Love is not happy because of evil but rejoices in what is true. Love holds up under anything, has confidence in everything, hopes no matter what, and puts up with everything imaginable.”
—Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy, p. 105




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