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Christmas 2008 in Chattanooga
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Christmas in Chattanooga Dec. 27–31, 2008

This page has photos taken on both Ray's and Claire's cameras.

Except where noted, photos were taken at Aunt Bobbie's and Uncle James' house on Morris Hill Road.

The images on this page have been reduced in size. Click the images to view the full-resolution photos.

A laptop-happy family! Left to right: Uncle James, Ray, Jimmy, Gail, Charley, and Linda.
The three cousins: Gail, Ray, and Claire.
Ray and Robert during dinner.
Ray and Robert

Ray with his gift from Aunt Bobbie, a photo album of family pictures. Ray, Aunt Bobbie, and Sue.

Claire, Aunt Bobbie, Virginia, Aunt Alice, and Gail.
Dinner on Sunday, Dec. 28. Left to right: Bill, Claire, Lee, Robert, Jimmy, Doug, Ray, Gail, Charley, Aunt Bobbie.
Dinner, Monday, Dec. 29: Jimmy, Ray, Robert, Doug (hair only!), Uncle James, Claire, Aunt Bobbie.
Doug, Gail, Jimmy, Ray, Claire.
At the Chattanooga airport, Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008.
Opening gifts on Saturday, Dec. 27. La Rita and Doug (Jimmy in background).
La Rita and Doug.
Aunt Bobbie opening a gift.
Aunt Bobbie, Robert, and Charley.
Uncle James.
Jimmy, Aunt Bobbie, Robert, and Charley's leg.
Claire, Gail, and Ray.
Claire, Gail, and Ray.
Claire, Gail, and Ray.
Aunt Bobbie, Doug, Charley, Gail, Jimmy, Ray, and Uncle James.
Gail and Jimmy.
More gift opening. Uncle James and Aunt Bobbie.
Aunt Bobbie, Doug, and Gail.
Aunt Bobbie, Doug, and Gail.
Claire and Robert.
Uncle James.
Sunday afternoon, Dec. 28. Virginia, Claire, Robert, and Aunt Alice.

Claire (arm), Robert (legs), Aunt Bobbie, and

Aunt Alice.

Sue, Virginia, Claire, and Robert.
Sue, Virginia, Claire, Robert, and Aunt Alice.
Ray and Sue.
Ray and Sue.
Aunt Alice, Aunt Bobbie, and Virginia.
Aunt Bobbie and Claire fixing dinner.
Aunt Bobbie.
Uncle Maurice and Aunt Mary at their apartment on Hickory Valley Road.
Jimmy, Claire, and Robert at Uncle Maurice's and Aunt Mary's. The framed picture used to hang above the fireplace in Mammer's house.
Judy and Aunt Bobbie.
Ray and Uncle Maurice.
Uncle Maurice, Ray, and Aunt Mary.
Judy and Ray.
Judy, Ray, and Claire.
Judy, Ray, and Claire.


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